Passion (Playlist)

These are 4 songs I wanted to drop for Valentines Day this year for all of my female fans.


The first track, “My Woadie” I made while I was in a relationship with my ex. I feel like you’re supposed to go to war behind what and whom you are passionate about in life. Love and loyalty are very important to me.

The second song, “KoYB”, I made this song a while back. I came up with the hook first, fantasizing about this girl. The rest of the song I just vibed it out.

Track number three, “Perfect Imperfection” is one of the fastest songs I’ve ever done. This was the first song I recorded after breaking up with my girlfriend. The whole song came together (start to finish) from the moment of me hearing the beat at the studio in 14 minutes. S/o to J Padron & “Ace” Taylor.

“Vacation Time”, the last song on the playlist also came to me pretty quick. It’s a real wavy flow. “H3” Henry played the beat while I was in the booth and I started freestyling over it, beginning to end.


Comment your favorite below.

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